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We help accountants, architects, management consultants & property brokers and many other business types, by building a reliable network of partners and new business leads. This investment leads to consistent returns on your time and money.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Package B2B

  1. 1
    Profile optimization

    There is a direct link between having a professional profile and having prospects convert to customers. If your profile is not easy to navigate, or is built in an unprofessional way it will form a bad first impression, which run’s the risk of losing potential customers. For this reason, we will analyze your profile to identify which points need optimization to improve customer conversion.

    Some profiles are absolutely fine and do not require optimization.

  2. 2
    Identifying your target market.

    Once we have agreed on your target market and your profile is optimized, the next thing is identifying thousands of decision makers in the agreed market segments. Not only that, we also research other areas that you may not have explored before. Upon identification, we are ready to start connecting.

  3. 3
    Reaching your target market.

    Every day 100 connection requests are sent to decision makers in your chosen market , with each connection a follow up custom message is then sent out on your behalf. This then leads to conversions in terms of a meeting or phone call, with the ultimate goal a new client. 

  4. 4
    Lead handover with recommended actions to take.

    Once you get a active lead this needs to be acted upon immediately, the quicker a lead is responded to the more likely it will convert to a paying customer. Usually we recommend either a face to face meeting, video conference call or phone call.